Tutorial: How to send models via the cloud

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to send and share your models with your stormwater buddies through the cloud. This means you can collaborate and submit your work without wasting paper.

Step 1: Create a Hydrographs model

If you haven't already, run through the Quick Start tutorial to get a working model. Alternatively, open a model that you've already created (preferably a cool one that you want to show off).

Step 2: Run the model

This part is very easy, though critical for some forms of cloud-based stormwater model sharing. simply click the button to start the runoff simulation. If you see the chart below the Routing Diagram populated with data, then you are ready to send your model.

Step 3: Send your model

In the Header of Hydrographs user interface, click on the share icon. The resulting dropdown menu contains three options for sending/sharing your model.

Clicking the Link to Model option allows you to send a link to your model to anyone you'd like, regardless of if they have a Hydrographs account. Following the link will bring them to Hydrographs and open up a snapshot version of your model. This means that whoever follows the link will be able to edit the instance of your original model without effecting your own version.

Cloud share/send model dropdown options
Pro Tip: If you'd like to collaborate on a model with someone, send them a link to your latest model. After they've opened it and made their edits, they can send a new link back to you, essentially forwarding an updated version. This can be repeated as many times as necessary.

Alternatively, you can send an email containing information about your model to anyone with an email address by clicking the Email Model option. When prompted, enter the recipient email address, your email address, name, and a message (optional).

Note: make sure you've run the model before trying the Email Model option - otherwise this method will fail.

Finally, the third option Generate Report, will generate a report summarizing important information and results of your model. However, this feature is not yet complete and therefore not active. Coming soon!

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