Hydrographs: Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Hydrographs cost money to use?

Hydrographs cloud-based stormwater modeling is currently available for you totally for free. If you enjoy this tool, please consider sharing it with all of your stormwater buddies. As more people use Hydrographs we gain invaluable knowledge about what works and what features jive well with you, the happy end-user.

What is cloud-based stormwater modeling?

Hydrographs stormwater software lives on the internet. This means that it can be accessed anywhere in the world an internet connection. Additionally, the models that you create and work on can easily be saved to the cloud and shared electronically with anyone you choose.

One of the main goals of Hydrographs is to provide a means for efficient stormwater modeling, collaboration, and to save countless reams of paper from being wasted printing out 90% useless stormwater runoff data. Hydrographs saves paper by being cloud-based.

Can I ask for help if I'm having technical issues?

Yes! We like helping people and it's very important for us to know when things go awry so we can nip those bugs without delay. Send support questions to support@hydrographs.com.

Can I use Hydrographs with Internet Explorer

No. No. No.

We're sorry, but at this point it isn't efficient for us to support certain web browsers. Hydrographs works best with the Google Chrome web browser. Don't try and use Hydrographs with Internet Explorer or you will be sad.

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